Some of you may already know that I dabble in the world of video game streaming and for those of you who don’t, well… I do. For a little while now my streaming schedule has been pretty random, but I finally buckled down and worked out a solid schedule I can commit to. I’m ridiculously happy to introduce the Hour of Power.

Hour of Power is a variety stream starring yours truly. I’ll be slamming out as much video game nonsense as I can in one power-packed hour. I plan on streaming basically every day. I say “basically every day” because there will be special occasions where I’ll be out having a social life and/or attending other pressing matters, but when I am streaming, this is my schedule.

Twitch BG

Streaming Schedule:

Monday through Sunday: 5PM PST/PDT

Late Night Power Streams: 7PM PST/PDT

I’m hoping to deliver a wide variety of game choices with my streams, but a few of my favorites right now are Dragonball Xenoverse1001 Spikes, Volgarr the Viking, Outlast, The Evil Within,  and basically anything on SNES. If there are games you’re interested in watching me stream, definitely let me know. I’m always open to try something new.


If you’re a fan of singing, pugs, metal, epic air drum solos, or hanging out and drinking dews, you’ll have a great time with my stream. I look forward to seeing and chatting with you lovely folks during the Hour of Power.

Be sure to subscribe to my Twitch channel and follow me on Twitter for updates on the games I’ll be streaming! 

20 thoughts on “Streaming

    1. Thanks for checking out the site and reaching out to us! Makes us feel all tingly inside. The new gears sounds amazing! I don’t know if you’ve looked at any of our earlier stuff, but we downright love Gears of War.

      1. tingly is good lol yeah i watched the trailer they released looks awesome i think they might do an Army of Two kinda style but im not sure! Yeah i checked some of the stuff out and some reviews good stuff!

      2. Thanks again for checking our stuff out! We are always adding new articles and ridiculous things to the site, so keep checking back! And maybe I will see you on Gears of War sometime!

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