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95 comments on “Contact

  1. hey can i get your help

    • What can we do for you?

      • do you want to team up because i want to get noticed more can you help?

      • can you help me get more views

      • Did you have anything particular in mind? Getting views isn’t something that really happens over night. You need to have a solid amount of content and something unique to bring users to your blog.

      • i dont know what would be unique i need help

  2. Thanks for the like. :)

    • No problem at all.

  3. Totally old news, but IGN came out with a Top 100 RPGs of all time list. If you have seen it, what’s your thoughts on it?

    (this link has the entire list set up, you have to click through pages upon pages on IGN to get to #1)

    • It’s actually a fairly decent list. Of course nobody ever really agrees with the top ten choices. That’s just open for so much debate. I thought they did a good job encompassing a wide range of platforms and genres. Fable 2 shouldn’t be anywhere on that list though. Such a huge disappointment.

      • I was personally upset that Xenogears wasn’t top 10, not even top 20.

        Then again I see games differently I guess, I like to give credibility to games that really push depth into their characters and stories. And I don’t complain about the petty aspects of gaming such as graphics, or “THERE’S TOO MUCH READING” and yadda yadda yadda.

        I’m just glad FFVII wasn’t number one. I would have flipped a table, and that table would have stayed flipped.

      • Xenogears is an amazing game. Definitely one of my all time favorites. I was disappointed legend of mana didn’t make the list. Such and under rated game.

  4. Thank you for liking and bringing us to your wonderful webpage.

    Keep on visiting often to get your daily dose of technology :)

  5. How did you create your menu tabs? Is that a “premium” thing?

    • It may be a feature with the premium package. We have the option of creating pages and then applying those pages to our menu.

      • Awesome, thanks. You guys have a great page by the way.

      • No problemo and thank you very much. Kind words are always appreciated.

  6. Thank you so much for liking my post and visiting my blog as well.

    • No problem at all. Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment.

      • Welcome^^

  7. You’re so awesome and inspiring so I nominated you for an internet ‘One Lovely Blogger’ award- Game on!
    Details here:

    • Thank you very much for the nomination! We will look into the acceptance process and proceed with the next steps. Feel free to add our gamertags if ever wanna play sometime!

  8. You guys have a great site and although I see you have already been nominated, I too have selected you for the Lovely Blog award. Double awesome!
    Details Here:

    • Double awesome all across the sky! That’s pretty rad, thanks for the nomination. It’s greatly.appreciated.

  9. hay i love your comics they are funny.

    • Thanks a bunch! Thanks for being awesome and showing us some love!

      • i will read all your new comics you post from now on.

      • That’s always appreciated. We have new comics every Monday and new articles every day. Stop by and say hi anytime!

      • OK i will pleasure talking

  10. i love this weeks comic

    • Thank you very much sir! We had a ton of fun coming up with Dante’s sensitive alter ego. Feel free to share those on Facebook and what have you, we love seeing other people post our comics.

  11. oh my god i love your comic its is funny i love LOTR can i post it on my blog i will put the link to your site on it mate :)

    • Oh yeah definitely. Feel free to repost it. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

      • your welcome mate

  12. this weeks comic was cool is the broom boy or girl

    • Why thank you. The broom is technically a male, it’s the evil doppelganger of Kafka Luck.

      • cool

      • thnx

  13. Hey! Thanks for visiting my comic blog!
    Yours is very nice!
    Best regards,

    • No problem at all! Thanks for stopping by!

  14. I made a blog post about you guys! I hope you like it!

    • I just checked it out, it looks great. Thank you very much for the writeup. It’s always cool to see someone post about our site. Best of luck in your blogging endeavors!

      • Thank you <333 No problem

  15. Cool site guys, I like the more unique content too. Keep up the work on opinion pieces/editorials and the niche articles

    • Thank you very much! We try to keep things “unique” (is a nice way of putting it, I’d probably saw weird haha) and provide folks with entertaining gaming tidibits.

      Take care,


  16. Hey there – this blog of mine is just starting up so I really appreciate your “Like”!

    • Hey, no problem at all. Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Thanks sooo much for the likes over on Game Content. It really gives me the confidence to carry on writing for it ! :D

    • No problem at all! I’m glad we could give you that little extra push. Thanks for stopping by.

  18. Hey thanks for liking my blog about my new video :)

    Is there any way that we can work together in order to get more traffic to both of our sites?
    You see I have had my Youtube since 27/01/2013 (just over 2 months) and already have over 3k views.

    The reason that I am asking for help is because once I get around 1000-1500 subscribers I plan on “live-streaming” to raise money for charity, which is why you help would mean so much :)

    If you do decide to help me in some way I will gladly add this blog to my youtube channel “About me” section and I will give the name of the blog, the URL.
    That way if my channel were to get popular it would benefit you aswell as me :)

    I understand that getting views and subscribers doesn’t happen overnight, but now that my uni work is done, I am posting at least 1 new video a night :)

    Thanks for reading this!

    • Hey no problem at all. We are always interested in working with fellow bloggers and youtubers. We have our own youtube channel and we plan on releasing a ton of new videos in the next couple weeks, including our first animated short.

      Did you have anything specific in mind as far as “working together?”

      • Thanks for replying so quickly :)

        And as for what we can do to help each other…. Since you have a youtube channel we could add each other as the “featured channel”?

        If you have a better suggestion then please feel free to mention it :) as you can probably tell I am new to making contacts, and networking on Youtube as I’ve had it for such a short period of time!

  19. I’m more a retro gamer, heck I’m retro aged, currently at age 50. I switched to an Xbox and am addicted to Peggle. Just getting into RPG games starting with the Walking Dead games. That’s how you found my site when I posted on games. I’ll follow or subscribe and see what you’re up to. Cheers..

    • Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site.

      Retro gaming is really in right now, so I think it’s the perfect time to be retro aged haha. Take care and best of luck with your blog.

  20. good job Nephew and crew keep up the good work.

  21. I mentioned your website in my most recent post. Your site’s style and feel has always left me with a keen sense of blog envy! You’ve likely been the recipient of such Liebster ‘awards’ before. Thanks for dropping a likes and drawing me to see your style in action.

    • Thank you very much for the share. We definitely appreciate you telling other peeps about our little blog. Best of luck in your blogging endeavors.

  22. Hey guys, love the blog! One suggestion though; Is it possible to add a comments section to the polls?


    • Thank you very much! Thanks for stopping by and dropping some comments.

      We actually do have comments active for the polls. If you click the title it will open the actual article. You can post comments in there. :)

      Thanks again!

      • No worries! And thanks for the help :)


      • No problem at all! Take care. :)

  23. Thanks for liking my drawing!

    • No problem at all! Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thank you very much for the nomination! I read your little blurb about us on your article, it was very nice! Thank you very much.

  24. We wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award!

    • Beaten to this yet again! But enough dilly-dallying the inevitable; you just got nominated twice for the same award! :)
      Keep updating!

      • So many nominations! Thank you very much for the kind words! We really appreciate it!

  25. Thanks for making a Bristol based geek happy!

    I’ve seen some great quality content here and am now a very happy subscriber!

    • That is fantastic to hear! Thanks a bunch for stopping by and checking out our shenanigans!

  26. Nice layout, mind if I take some design ideas from your site so I can apply it to my own blog when I get around to it? :D

    • Thank you very much. Feel free to borrow what you like.

      • Hehe ta, I can do the blogging side it’s the layout I never know how to do and what looks good to other people

    • Thank you very much! We really appreciate it!

  27. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award… thanks and keep blogging! :)

    • Thank you very much for the nomination!

  28. Hey, great website. You inspire me to take the time and make mine prettier. ;)

    • Thank you very much! For us it’s always something we’re working on.

  29. Hey, just wanted to know, how did you come across my blog?

  30. Hi ,

    I have recently got into your site , really enjoy some of the comic too! Was just wondering as I have started a blog , how to promote its reach or any tips and help you could give me.


    • Howdy Jack,

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site! We really appreciate the kind words.

      Promoting your site isn’t the first thing you want to worry about. Make sure your site has a clear focus and quality content first. There’s no guaranteed way to get people to visit, but providing interesting content people want to read os definitely a good start.

      Networking is another huge way to expand your audience. Just start talking with other bloggers and interact with their communities. Stop by and regularly visit and comment on articles and it’ll help get your name out there.

      Best of luck with your site. I hope this helps a little.


      • Ok cool , I’ll bare that in mind, thanks for the speedy response!

  31. I have a question for ya. How do you make your comics? Are they drawn with a tablet, or via a program? I’m slightly interested in starting up my own comics, but I know what I’d do, but not sure where I would start!

    • We use a combination of things when making our comics. The intial drawings are done by hand and scanned into photoshop, from there we add the color, shading, amd touch up the lines with a wacom tablet.


  32. hay guys it has been ages since we last spoke anyway how you been oh an i thought your latest comic was so funny.

    • How’s it going!? It has been many a moon. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you dug the new comic.

      • Your welcome keep up the good work

  33. Hey, thanks for the like. I’m not a huge gamer these days, but you guys make me nostalgic. Keep up the awesome blog

  34. Thanks for the follow! Didn’t think a post on White Day would gain interest so quickly!
    I was lookin’ at your comics, and they’re pretty awesome! Do you have any way of reading them chronologically or in a comic viewer format?
    If you don’t have anything like that, you should seriously consider it. I’m a veteran webcomics consumer myself, and from the looks of it you have a big enough archive to get stuck in with the webcomic community. There’s a lot of cross promotion there and cameos and such, especially if you get accepted by some of the big names like the hiveworks or keenspot! You’ve probably heard of some of the big names like penny arcade, xkcd, or cyanide & happiness, but sites like that float on their own now. Format-wise, you should take a look at how is laid out, which is a gag-a-day kind of strip like your own.

    Also, to get new readers you should sign up to, I don’t look at that site personally, as I surf through ads to give people some revenue. However all the new webcomic readers use this pretty much like a bible, I know I did!

    If you know about this stuff already, sorry for taking up your time!
    If not, hope you consider that route! The webcomic community is RIDICULOUSLY friendly!

    • Wow! Thanks a bunch for the info! We currently have an account over on Top Web Comics, but honestly we haven’t been pushing it very hard. It’s probably something we should start doing more frequently.

      We would also love to have a slide viewer or some other way of viewing comics in chronological order. Right now you basically just have to click on the “Comics” section and scroll down.

      Thanks for stopping by and supporting our comic and again, thanks for all the info!

  35. Hey, thanks for the like! I appreciate it.

  36. Hey, I contacted you guys via email a few days ago regarding a proposal but haven’t heard back. Is the email above the best one to use to contact you?

  37. Hey its Aston from Battle Misfit!

    I was just wondering if you managed to have a read of the email that I sent you the other day?

  38. No problem at all. Thanks for stopping by. Best of luck with the new site. Its always an exciting endeavor.

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