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Greetings and Salutations. Thank you for navigating the far reaches of the internet to discover What’s Your Tag? A diamond in the rough. Feel free to browse our selection of outrageous web comics. We put new ones up every Monday. Not into comics you say? Well, why don’t you wander around the site, we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy. From Michael Jackson/Pokemon, to diabetes inducing meals cooked entirely with Mountain Dew, we have it all. If you want to play with us (wink, wink), send a message or submit your gamertag or gamercard in the comment section below.

Weekly Schedule

Monday: New Comic

Thursday: Nerd Wars!

Friday: Fun Videos










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166 comments on “What’s Your Tag?

  1. OurSilentman es me amigo jonmycal like a gamstah

  2. Interesting stuff. I’ll have to come here more often.

    • Thanks for stopping by! We’d love to have ya.

      • Is your site a news aggregate?

      • The website initially began as a web comic. We release a new comic every Monday and we provide various news articles and rants throughout the week. We always try and stay up to date with current events, but we aren’t trying to cover everything by any means.

      • Sounds great. You guys have a full time staff going or just a handful of guys working their magic?

      • We are working towards a full time staff, but as of right now it’s just three amigos, working other jobs and trying hard to spread the What’s Your Tag? magic.

      • Sounds great. I checked out the site and it has a lot of character. Good stuff. I’m guessing that you guys are all volunteers right now, huh?

      • Thank you. I really appreciate you taking the time to give our website a solid look. We are essentially volunteers at this point. We got sponsored by Word Ads and we have a Google AdSense account, so as long as our traffic continues to increase we should start making a little money.

  3. I like the site, guys. Keep it up!

    Xbox LIVE: Vetus Schola
    PSN: Dr_Val_Halla

    • We will shoot you some requests! Thanks for checking out the site and leaving some comments. See you on Xbox Live!

  4. Hey, thanks for liking my post! Sweet blog, dude.

    • Not a problem at all. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Alright, I’m in. I like it.

    XBL/PSN tag: Ilcorvomuerto

    • Well sweet deal! Look forward to a friend request from Mileson!

  6. Hey, thanks for liking my post about my new gaming blogging adventures!

    • No problemo. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Love the site. Thanks for checking out our Oregon Trail article at Krakenwise. The Kraken appreciates the comments. Keep up the good work. Love the comics.

    • Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the support!

  8. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post. I love your site. I consider myself an intermediate gamer and your site is a gamer’s dream!


    • Thanks a bunch for stopping by! I’m glad we could make a gamer’s dream come true!

  9. I think I’ll keep hanging around here, too, looks nice. =D And on that note, thanks so much for liking my post – gives me a little more hope that there may actually people out there reading my gaming rambling ;)

    • Not a problem at all! Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. We always appreciate it.

      • Cool blog! Good luck with all of your endeavors : )

      • Thanks a bunch for stopping by! We appreciate it the support.

  10. Nice blog, am trying my best to get established. The Bahamas has some gamers too :D

    • Thanks for stopping by! Definitely appreciate the support. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit jealous that you’re living in the Bahamas…. It was 65 degrees and cloudy in Washington.

      • Wow, that’s a bit to cold for me LOL. We have sun all year around. There is lots to do in Washington though.

      • Haha yeah it’s kind of upsetting considering this is apparently our summer. But what can you do I guess? I can always go sit indoors and drink coffee. That would be very Washington of me.

      • That’s cool. I normally stay indoors as well. The heat gets unbearable at times.

      • Are you on Xbox Live?

      • Not at the moment, have to get a new one!

      • Well when you do make sure to add me! Let’s get some gaming going!

      • No problem man. Do you play Pokemon as well?

      • You bet your bum I do. We are in the middle of a five week survey on the blog about Pokemon! Pop on over and vote for your favorite.

      • Sure thing!

      • Awesome! We just posted our latest survey. We are trying to figure out the favorite starter pokemon.

      • I did it. I always picked water Pokemon for starters.

      • Me too! Way to be! I don’t know, something about the water type always seemed a little cooler than the rest.

  11. Hey, thanks for the like on my Lollipop Chainsaw post! This site looks great, I’ve been looking for more gaming sites to stalk.

    • No problemo! Thanks for swinging by! We would love to have you back. Make sure you check out our weekly survey and comics.

  12. Thanks for liking my random blurb over nothing. I will keep this site on my watch list as I venture to find more blogs to read.

  13. thanks for checking out my photo, A Day at the Races, I appreciate the positive feedback! Excellent comic site and with only three guys?? keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for taking the time to show us some support! We really appreciate it. Right now it’s just three dudes with a passion. Hopefully it turns into something greater.

  14. Hey guys, the blog looks really good, especially loving the reviews section.

    Will be checking back in frequently, really well put together and organized.

    Followed on twitter as well so hope to hear more from you =]

    • We really appreciate the feedback! Thanks for all your support. Hopefully we can bring a little cheer to the daily routine for ya!

      • Also I forgot to mention thank you for the support on my blog as well it’s really appreciated =]

  15. A shame I can’t get onto my xbox until I graduate. Gah! But whenever I feel up to multiplayer and all, PyraLithiam’s the tag :)

    • Well shucks! When you do get that xbox back up and running make sure you get some gaming in with us. I will go ahead and send you a friend request now. A little treat for when you’re xbox is back online.

      • Why, thank you, kind sir! It’s really hard trying not to get distracted since it’s a portfolio I’m putting together. I miss playing it >_< Too bad I still watch the Yogscast though! Haha.

      • Don’t worry, you will always have your xbox to make it through those difficult situations. Once you graduate I’m sure you and your xbox will have a good laugh about it.

  16. Hey! Thanks for the like on my video roundup. :D

    Nice site you’ve got here. I’ll have to poke around some more.

    • Not a problem at all! Thanks for poking around. Hopefully you like whatcha see.

  17. Good sense of humor you have there :D Makes stuff a lot more interesting :P Very professional page too :P

    • Why thank you very much. We always try to slap a little humor on there. Because let’s face it, the news is generally boring.

      • I agree xD

  18. Hey dood!

    Thanks for liking my post :) And you got a nice blog here. :) I’ll follow it
    More to come during Wednesdays and Sundays (Philippine Time).

    • You are very welcome. Thanks for taking to time to stop by and leave a comment. Feel free to browse anytime, we post new stuff all the time.

      • Sweet ;) Will do

  19. Thanx for the like on my post! gonna add you to my list. Anytime you want to talk anime and J-pop music stop by and leave a note. My site is still young so i need all the likes i can get (hehehe). Your doing a good job keep it up!

    • dang it they need to make it easy to edit a comment! The blog in question is TMUsubs on wordpress.com

    • Thank you very much! Glad you took the time to stop over and leave us a comment. Best of luck to the young blog. Hope all goes well!

  20. Site looks great! Will definitely follow and post similar things to mine as well! I see a lot of new things coming out having friends who work for the fun companies!

    • Thank you very much for stopping by! Be sure to keep in touch and feel free to comment anytime!

      • Sounds good! Ever think of a rating system for video games? Sound like it could be fun…

      • Yeah we are in the process of revamping our review system. We are creating a new template and ratings scale.

      • Awesome! Let me know if you need any help :)

        <—-Future Psychologist

  21. Hey guys. I sent you an email to.. but great site had a look through it.

    Keep up the work

    • Thank you very much sir. Look forward to checking that email.

      • Your welcome.. Let me know if you have received it.

  22. Cool site! You have my follow! :>

    • Thank you very much! We shall gladly accept your follow. The fellowship of the Bro! Or Bro-ette!

  23. Your Blog is awesome layout wise and content. Think you could give me a few tips for my own :)

    • Thanks much for the kind words. Always appreciated. We do what we can with just a handful of bro’s.

      • I gotcha. Well keep up the good work. I’m always in need for a good gaming website. :)

      • Thanks again, feel free to stop by anytime if you wanna get your game on… Go play…

  24. Forgot to mention this earlier, but love the new banner, guys.

    • Thank you very much. It’s our homage to classic 2d fighters. We’d love to eventually make a sprite based fighting game based off some of our characters.

  25. Hey guys. I have really seen some cool things on this Blog that jive with some of my sympathies and I wanted to nominate you aka pass you this Reality Blog meme. I am curious to see how you might answer some of the questions on here. The link is: http://wp.me/p2qfuv-sz. Keep doing what you are doing. Take care.

    • Thanks a bunch for the kind words. It’s always cool to get some recognition. We will look into this and see what we can do about answering the questions. Best regards.

  26. Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m loving the comic strips. Keep up the great work!! :D

    • No problem at all! Thanks for dropping by and leaving some kind words for us! :D

  27. Hi, thanks for liking my post! Appreciate it!

  28. This really is fabulous!
    Thank you for liking one of my own posts as I am now following you in the reader and looking forward to keeping up-to-date, as well as catching up on your archived material.
    BTW I’m judisue all over the web, please come and say “Hi” if you should see me about! :)

    • Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out our comics. I noticed you liked a few of them. We will definitely stop by and say hi sometime!

  29. Cool blog.

    PSN: NVChad2

    • Thank you very much. I will shoot you a request within the next couple of days.

  30. Very nice blog! Hoping to build up my own to be as good as yours (if not better! :p ), but alas that’ll be a ways off as I’m just one guy trying to manage everything for my own stuff.

    In any case, do you guys have any interest in the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines? Noticed you just started out a little playthrough with commentary for Dead Space 3′s demo. Perhaps we could team up and form a four player squad to tackle Aliens’ campaign yeah?

    • Thank you very much sir! We work hard at our site every single day and are viewer base is growing exponentially. Thanks for stopping by and sharing some comments.

      We are very interested in Aliens: Colonial Marines, I’ve been following that game since it was announced by in 2007. Right now we have a group of 3, possibly four of us who are going to be playing. Shoot me a friend request and Xbox Live and we will definitely try and work some playtime in.

  31. I love this site (maybe you can give suggestions to help mine stand out more). I definitely plan to return.

    • Thank you very much! If we have some specific questioned feel free to shoot us an email. We’d be glad to help in any way we can.

  32. Thanks for stopping by my Blog dude. Thought id pop into your’s and see what your’s is about. On having a look around, your blog is the standerd i hope to hit one day! I love it, well done dude and i look forward to more!!

    • Why thank you very much! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our shenanigans! Best of luck in your blog endeavors and be sure to keep in touch.

      • No problem dude. I subbed to your blog so I’m defiantly gonna keep reading!

      • Sweet! Thank you!

  33. Nice, you know I found it interesting that when wordpress tries recommending stuff it does not offer the Gaming category, but as you said above, I found a diamond in the rough or more like you found me…

    • Thank you very much for stopping by! It’s always fun finding and sharing with people who have similar interests.

  34. Thanks for the ‘Like’ on my Destiny piece guys and have a follow as an epression of my gratitude. ~JP

    • Not a problem at all, thanks for stopping by.

  35. Thanks for liking my post! I’ll be checking you out…

    -The spiderlilly (@somesillywowzer)

  36. Thanks for liking my post! You guys are pretty awesome, I’ll definitely be reblogging your posts and hope to connect with you all more in the future!

    • No problem at! Thanks for stopping by and spreading the word. We’re always down to chat and usually online, so hit us up anytime!

      • Awesome! I look forward to chatting and connecting with you all!

  37. Hey, guys! Thanks for liking our post! Have you, by any chance, managed to visit our website?)

    • No problem. And yeah we checked it out, that’s how you got the like haha


      • Ahha, no, we mean http://www.balakam.com :) There are some pretty neat radios there!

  38. Thanks for the like! I just started this blog up, so hopefully I’ll be able to learn the inner workings of this community quickly and start posting some quality content!

    • No problem at all! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site.

  39. Very weird. Which is why I like it.

    • Why thank you. That’s the way we try to keep it.

  40. Thank you for liking my post, it was my first as the title suggests. I like what I’ve seen of your blog too, interesting stuff.

    • No problemo, thanks for stopping by and checking out the site.

  41. Thank you for liking my “Walking Dead” game review. I can tell you put a lot of work into your blog, it is amazing!

    • Thank you very much! It was no problem at all. Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog. It always brings us simple joy.

  42. Looking forward to grabbing my daily dose of awesome from here :) Ill most likely spend most of my time wandering around the comics and reviews section! Thanks for the liking my blog post or else I would have never found you guys!

    • No problem at all! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our shenanigans. We’re always down to chat and we post new stuff everyday, so feel free to stop by anytime.
      Take care.

  43. Glad you guys liked my post about always-on DRM. You’re welcome to use all or parts of it here if you’d like… with proper credit of course ;)

  44. Hi! Thanks very much for liking my post about video game quoting! I like you blog, can’t wait to see more of your content :).

    • No problem at all! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site.

      • You’re welcome ; my pleasure :).

  45. Thank you for liking my post about Black&White 2; I’m surprised that someone pays attention to reviews of older games that aren’t exactly considered as classics…By the way, your blog has a very interesting outline and I think I should add it to my hunting grounds….*clears throat* I mean, count me in as follower.
    I wish a nice hunt in the gaming grounds

    • No problem at all. The Black and White series is probably one of my all-time favorites on PC. I’m a huge fan of revisiting under appreciated games.

      Thanks for stopping by and hopefully we see you around here some more.

  46. Hi there!

    I really enjoy your content, and just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Sunshine Award!

    You can find further informnation at this link

    Have a wonderful day :)

    • Thank you very much for the nomination! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit our blog and indulge in our shenanigans.

      You have yourself a fantastic day and I know we certainly will after reading this. Thank you.


  47. Thanks for the likes! I really enjoy the comics and the nerd wars! :)

    • No problem at all! Thank for stopping by and checking out our shenanigans. Do you have a favorite comic?

      • Bro Space 3 ! xD

      • Hahaha awesome! That’s one of my personal faves. Thanks for the info fo sho.

  48. wow ! This blog is awesome ! Rally enjoyed all of your comics and laughing out loud :D Love this blog……I will come back here whenever I will feel like laughing :P Love it ;)

    • Thank you so much! We’re really glad you enjoy the comics. We love making them and we have a ton of fun with it. Feel free to stop by anytime! We’re always down to chat!

      • So glad to hear from you ! Will keep visiting forever :) xx

  49. I’ve been a long time fan of your site, and want to nominate you for the “One Lovely Blog Award.”
    Apparently, there are some rules surrounding the award:
    Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post
    Share seven things about you
    Pass the award on to seven nominees
    Thank the person who nominated you
    Inform the nominees by posting on their blogs
    I hope you’ll accept. Either way, keep up the good writing!

  50. Thank you very much for the nomination! We greatly appreciate it. We’ve been visiting and commenting on our site for a long time now and that’s an awesome feeling. Thank you very much for all your support!

  51. Hello from the UK and thanks for the “likes” on my blog. Please don’t mind me as I go through the archives of yours. :)

    Oh, and…

    Me: You have my follow.
    Legolas: And my Bow.
    Gimli: And my Ass.
    Gimli: Axe! I mean Axe!

    Yeah couldn’t resist.

  52. Hahahaha! I’m so excited that you referenced this. That is probably my favorite comic of all the ones we’ve made so far.

    No problem at all sir! Thanks for stopping by and digging around our archives. If you see something you like, feel free to share!

    We’re also on the ol Facebook and Twitter if you feel like chatting!

    Take care!

    • Glad you enjoyed the reference.

      Added you to my twitter feed.

      My twitter handle is @StarlacUK

      • Sweet dealio! I will give you a follow as well. We can keep in touch like all the other cool kids on Twitter.

  53. Was about to nominate you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”, but I see you’ve already been nominated by someone! Oh well, keep doing the good stuff! The comics are the best <3

    • Thank you very much for stopping by and almost nominating us! Haha. Thanks for the very kind words on the comics, which is your favorite?

      • You’re welcomed! You have great stuff :) Oh I had a few favorites, but I think the best were the Animal Crossing and that Frodo+Gimli LOTRO ones.

      • Thank you very much! The LOTR comic is probably my all-time favorite.

  54. We wanted to let you know that we’ve nominated you for the WordPress Family Award! http://1001-up.com/2013/09/02/were-part-of-the-wordpress-family/

  55. Thanks for liking my post. I love the old-style video game feel of this blog!

    • Thank you very much! Hopefully we’ll be seeing you around the comment section. Thanks for stopping by!

  56. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog and liking my Gone Home review. It’s always nice to connect with others who appreciate awesome adventure games. Really impressed with your blog and comic strips, will definitely have to stop by again. :)

    • No problem at all! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our comics. Feel free to stop by anytime. :)

  57. Can’t go wrong with a Gyrados, you just have to wait for like 5 gyms for your Magikarp to evolve…

    • That was always a serious grind… but well worth it when it finally did evolve.

  58. Because it’s the only blog award you’ll ever need, I nominated you all for the Blog of the Year Award! It’s an award, for the WHOLE YEAR! :D http://wp.me/p1VEw4-1iT

    • Sweeeet! Thank you very much for the nomination! You’ve been following the site for some time now and we truly appreciate it. Thanks for all the support!

  59. Thanx for the like! Your page is awesome!! Look forward to checking the page out further.

    • Thank you very much! We really appreciate it!

  60. Oh boy! I’m thrilled that real comic writers stopped by. Actually it’s my son who is the comic writer. He used to have a site, but didn’t renew it quick enough and now some so and so has the rights and will only sell it back for an astronomical amount. YIKES!!

    • Thank you for stopping by and chatting with us! It sounds like your son is in the middle of quite the comic custody battle. We wish him all the best!

  61. Tag-boys, I’m no gamer (well save the odd blaze on NO$GBA, but whatevz); however, I’d like to thank-you for all this hot attention you’ve been giving my blog. It’s not gone unnoticed. Actually, I kinda’ like it. In fact, I wanna’ take our relationship to the next step. Would you like to indulge in some mutual stalking? i.e #FOLLOW4FOLLOW?

  62. Hello,
    Thank you for the like on my post “Catcher in the Rye”. I am a gamer and my favorite is Gears of War and Judgement! :D

    • No problem at all! Thanks for stopping by and sharing our love of Gears of War!


  63. Glad you guys liked my editorial article. I’m enjoying the strips, the one where Link gets trapped behind wallpaper made me laugh.

  64. this site is pretty cool actually. i like it

    • Thank you very much for your kind words and for stopping by!


  65. Hey guys, I know I normally spam your articles with comments, but I just wanted to say you guys are doing a great job! I don’t normally play multiplayer games with people, but I’d love to play something at some point.

    Steam: skyazure (Treasure Hoarding Dragon Jerks)
    XboxLive: Sky Azure (I’m never on this though)
    PSN: Djeuty

    • We appreciate having you stop by and comment. It’s always cool seeing regular faces on the site. We’re always on one system or another and we’d love to play with ya!

      I’ll be sure to add you on Xbox Live! Here’s my info as well.

      Xbox Live: I Mileson I
      Steam: Mileson
      Wii U: Mileson
      PSN: Mileson (PS3 isn’t even hooked up, though.)


  66. Hi! We just nominated you guys for the Versatile Blogger Award. http://wp.me/p35Pkn-GL

    Keep up the great gaming news!

    • Thank you very much for the nomination! We really appreciate it!


  67. This website looks great!
    So lately, I’ve been looking for a new writing staff. Would you like to help write for the Gnosis new blog? We need some help with the sorting of the website and writing. You can write anytime you want. Well bye.

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