Come watch members of What’s Your Tag? and the TEAM XBRO community live stream Warframe this coming Monday at 5pm Pacific! There is no ETA as to when we’ll be stopping, so be sure to check in if you have some free time Monday night. Spread the word and show some love for TEAM XBRO!

Check out the stream right here.

Written by CheapBossAttack

Sewer-dwelling console heathen that mostly dabbles in RPGs/JRPGs/horror games. I have a passion for game reviews, horror films, and cats, but my blog is mainly game focused. Follow me on Twitter @cheapbossattack.


      1. If you haven’t you should join our gaming community on Facebook and set up some co-op get togethers! We have a few people on there who play Warframe on PC, but we’ll be streaming the PS4 version.

      2. Oh, awesome, that’s why we’re playing on. Add me if you’d like. I’m PepperedSnoot.

        We have 4 people for Monday, but if something opens up I’ll toss you a message.

    1. Hey, weirder things have happened! Feel free to check in when you get home. I know I won’t be around for more than an hour or two, but the others may bring in more people to keep the stream going.

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