What is that FRAKKING MUSIC?!?!?!? It’s Friday fun videos, of course. If you hadn’t already guessed, we are starting off with some Battlestar Galactica. This one is an oldie but a goodie from College Humor, a condensed 16-bit jrpg retelling of the entire series (Spoilers-ish):

Why are we posting this? Because Battlestar Galactica is back in prequel format! Behold the first online episode thanks to Machinima:

Now that the frakking is out of the way, how about some music? First up, a 12 minute compilation of rpg songs performed by an orchestra consisting of… Mini Marios? They don’t call him Master Diwa for nothing:

Finally, the Mortal Kombat flash mob group, the Sub ZeroS has gone Gangnam style… yes this is happening:

Happy Friday everyone!

Written by What's Your Tag?

We do the games and the comics and what-have-you.

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