13 comments on “Nerd Wars! Who’s Got the Best Hair in Gaming?

  1. I went with Cloud here — though I was tempted to go with Paul Phoenix for the physics alone — but in general I’d say Geralt of Rivia has awesome hair.To be honest, one of my favorite things in the Witcher 2 is going to the hair dresser and playing around with his long white locks.

    • Despite recommendations from almost every one I know, I’ve never played either of the Witcher games. I have to admit though, for an older guy he’s got some pretty luxurious locks.

  2. Rofl, awesome post idea. You should do a “Movember” post on which RPG offers the best facial hair customization ;)

    I went for Nathan Drake, because it’s the only hairstyle I’d actually want in reality, lol.

    • Thanks man! We thought this would be a really fun one. I really love all of these choices because no matter how many people they kill, who how badly they are beaten, their hair remains perfect.

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