Borderlands 2 is out and we’ve been playing the Skag out of it. This week’s Nerd Wars! wants to know, who’s your favorite character?

Have a favorite loadout or weapon combo? Let us know!


Written by What's Your Tag?

We do the games and the comics and what-have-you.


      1. And if I live long enough to hit level 42… DOUBLE bubble-shielded rocket turrets that stick to anything. EXPLOSIOOOOOOONS!

  1. I just finished the main story line with Zero and I’m gonna play more to max out to level 50. I just feel so badass when I initiate deception and start a chain of one hit kills after the other.

  2. I like Maya, and I totally go for the rare orange weapons. I have a bunch of them now, including… wait for it… the Conference Call.
    I liked the DLC, but I totally want the level cap increase and hope we get it soon :)

    1. Conference call…. Awww yeah! That weapon is pretty legit. I managed to pick one up myself. I’ve been rocking Axton mainly because he’s a stud. Tongue’s campaign of carnage was hilariously awesome.

      1. Yes! Did you beat Pete the Invincible?
        He’s not as bad as the ones in the Pirate Booty DLC, the Mister Gee, I cannot beat him, his snake floors me.
        I loved that the missions in torgues campaign were song titles.
        Axton is a stud, been thinking about playing through again with different characters.

      2. Honestly I just hit lvl 50 a couple days ago, so my gear is a little lackluster. Me and a couple busts tried Pete and got piggidy, piggidy, pwned! It was a little depressing. We did defeat Teramorphus however and I got a pretty wicked class mod.

      3. I played it with my friend, he has a youtube channel, and recorded it, it’s here…

        Shock weapons are how we beat him, and have a maya who has res, and dont forget to switch on the water :)

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