26 comments on “Pokemon in Real Life

  1. Yeah, I guess that would be what it’s like. lol. Though it is funny that Pikachu is the “mouse” Pokemon, yet it seems to resemble a squirrel much more.

    Of course if PETA (or their Pokemon world equivalent) had anything to say about it, we’d never get so far as throwing the Pokeball.

    • Yeah we’ve always felt the same way. Pikachu is this weird cross between a mouse and a squirrel. The tail is definitely more squirrel-ish though.

      PETA is always good for some entertaining news. While I personally believe in the ethical treatment of animals, I don’t really appreciate the way PETA conducts themselves.

  2. Now I’m imagining the Pikachu-squirrel running around with a taser, trying to shock people! Thanks for the hilarious image, have an awesome day — and thanks for the like on my post.

    • Now that’s something I would like to see! Thanks for stopping by and checking out our comics! Take care!

    • Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked our Pokemon comic. Thanks for stopping by and checking out what we do.

    • Lol my mind is a dangerous place, but every now and then something ridiculous and entertaining pops out. Thanks!

  3. That is something that many friends of mine have considered and believed. I did, however, see a cat that looked completely like a Glameow. I wonder where that stray went… I’ll thank him for pink eye.

    Thanks for the like on my blog. I guess that story of mine is worth it

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