This is what we imagine Pokemon would look like in our every day lives. Not quite as extreme as the anime makes it out to be. And yes, one of the boys did paint a squirrel yellow, hopefully we don’t have PETA on our backs for this one.

Written by What's Your Tag?

We do the games and the comics and what-have-you.


  1. Yeah, I guess that would be what it’s like. lol. Though it is funny that Pikachu is the “mouse” Pokemon, yet it seems to resemble a squirrel much more.

    Of course if PETA (or their Pokemon world equivalent) had anything to say about it, we’d never get so far as throwing the Pokeball.

    1. Yeah we’ve always felt the same way. Pikachu is this weird cross between a mouse and a squirrel. The tail is definitely more squirrel-ish though.

      PETA is always good for some entertaining news. While I personally believe in the ethical treatment of animals, I don’t really appreciate the way PETA conducts themselves.

  2. Now I’m imagining the Pikachu-squirrel running around with a taser, trying to shock people! Thanks for the hilarious image, have an awesome day — and thanks for the like on my post.

  3. That is something that many friends of mine have considered and believed. I did, however, see a cat that looked completely like a Glameow. I wonder where that stray went… I’ll thank him for pink eye.

    Thanks for the like on my blog. I guess that story of mine is worth it

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