A little over a week ago we featured a game called Slender. We found it to be absolutely and completely terrifying. Just uttering it’s name seems to bring a chill to the air around you. Well the internet seems to be in love with this game and a small community of modders announced their plans to release an updated version of Slender, called Slender: Source. If you haven’t taken the time to play the original, give yourself a few minutes and download it from Parsec Productions. (UPDATE: The folks over at Parsec Productions are working on a new version of the game, with updated graphics called Slender: The Arrival.)

The new version based in the world of “The Slender Man” will include multiplayer. Now you and a small group of close friends can aimlessly stumble through the terrifying trees together. This new mode will focus heavily on cooperation and it will be very interesting to see how this is incorporated into such a personal experience. The players must also seek out creepy porcelain dolls because who doesn’t love a collection of dead-eyed dolls staring you down while you’re being chased through the woods by a man with tentacles for arms.

We have little information at this time, but the team working on the game plans on releasing updates frequently on their mod db page. Currently Slender: Source is scheduled for release in February or March of 2013.

Written by What's Your Tag?

We do the games and the comics and what-have-you.


  1. so it will be safe if we walked sticking backs to each other so we can cover all the direction but if we looked in the middle will slender will be there?!
    that looks creepy i pissed my self twice playing the single player XD

    1. My god….. no one thought to check in the center!!!! Yeah I’m pretty excited with the aspect of multiplayer. Usually MP just makes things less scary, but we shall see…. oh yes we shall see….

    2. that’s y i turn around everytime,especially in the woods:one main road,dense forest,sometimes the creeps get so mad,that i start to get loud noises in my head which makes me run,making the illusions more scarier

  2. Some one told me if I turned off my flashlight and backed up, he would not be able to find me… that I would get away. LIEZ!!!! Well, maybe it wasn’t lies, maybe I more or less was so busy screeching like an 8 year old that I didn’t realize I kept walking forward instead of backward…

    1. There’s no hiding from the Slender Man….. I think the safest bet is to just hid in a corner facing a wall, that way you never have to look at him. Because if you can’t see him he doesn’t exist right?…

      1. ….he doesn’t exist in the real life acutally,he is in ur mind,waiting for u to get scared of him,just delete ur memories about that and u’ll be ok

  3. Haven’t played this game personally, but seen a few youtubers play it, and it’s terrifying! Not a bad little indie project. Has anyone managed to finish it!?

      1. I totally agree! MarbleHornets fans are incredibly patient and dedicated! I know a lot of people have been sort of angry about the blow-up of Slenderman in internet culture right now because of Slender, but personally I think it’s cool to see people get involved in the madness! There are a lot of SlenderPurists out there though, who are taking the old hipster “I liked that before it was cool” stance. hahaha

      2. Hipsters, Nooooooo! Everybody liked something before it was cool, why can’t the hipsters just leave it alone. Im excited that Slender man is blowing up, there is talks of a movie being made. I think that could turn out really we’ll.

      3. A movie?! Really?! That’s awesome! I would be totally down, that could be some scary stuff!

        I’m actually in the process of drafting a post about Slenderman, sort of a spotlight on the fandom in general. It’s becoming so big that I feel like everybody should be exposed, especially as MarbleHornets is heating up again!

      1. Oh yes, but that is the beauty of the internet. Any lame ass such as myself can openly spread his filth to millions of people. It’s got Spider-Man syndrome. A gift and a curse.

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