13 comments on “Diablo 3: Witch Doctor Character Build

  1. Reblogged this on Chemical Fawn and commented:
    Presenting a favorable article on Diablo 3′s Witch Doctor class. Don’t brush off the Witch Doctor, folks, he/she is a very good character to play. Give it a try! Play at least to level 7, where you can activate the Splinters rune on your poison blow darts. This is my second favorite character to play – demon hunter being the first, of course!
    But go! Check out the full blog post by the guys over at What’s Your Tag?

  2. Wow! Fascinating! I’ll be sure to expirement with this. Currently dealing with error 53 issues for the momment, however! :(

  3. When I get around to playing more D3, I’ll have to try making this. I’m currently bouncing between Borderlands 2, LOTRO, Champions Online, Rift, and Guild Wars. And also pulling about 48 hours a week at work. Still, this post really makes me want to jump into the game again.

    • I feel ya there. It’s been a busy holiday season, game wise. Right now I’m playing borderlands 2, halo 4, a little guild wars here and there and I just picked up a Wii U. Thanks for stopping by, I would definitely recommend my witch doctor build. I have a few lvl 60s and my witch doctor is by far the most fun. If you start playing again let us know, it’s been a while since I’ve played myself.

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